The Flambeau Freewheelers Bicycle Club is a loosely organized group of bicyclists that get together for group rides each Wednesday evening from the beginning of “day light savings time” in April through August. There are no club dues but everyone kicks in a few bucks (usually around $8-10) after each ride to pay for food and beverages at each host site.

Club members include bicycle enthusiasts, triathletes, and cross trainers. The benefits of being in a bicycle club are many. First, your riding ability will improve because the group will encourage you to ride faster and harder. You will learn pack-riding skills in a smaller, friendlier environment. You will ride at a faster average speed as the group shares the work of being at the front. (Some of us do.) You will learn about what works best in the area of clothing and equipment from people like yourself who aren’t worried about saying nice things so advertisers will be happy. And it’s always just plain fun to be around people who share a similar interest.
Remember *RPM* Rib Lake, Phillips, Medford

Rides begin at 6:30 p.m.

The first ride of the season is held in Rib Lake. The next ride is then held in Phillips and then in Medford. The rides then rotate in this fashion for the rest of the season. The season finale ride starts at 6:00 p.m. (one half hour earlier than normal) from Westboro for the traditional ride through the Mondeaux Park and and wraps up with the always entertaining “Awards Ceremony” and the election of the next President (the winner is always by unanimous consent).

If you miss a ride and are not sure where the next ride is being held, you can send an email , or check this web site which will always have the updated locations posted by the Tuesday evening before a ride. If you are going to be a few minutes late and want us to wait for you, call one of the club members and we will delay the start. We are usually on the road at 6:30 p.m. sharp so we can all enjoy the evening ride conditions.


People who are in the club tend to be bicycle enthusiasts and usually wear shorts and jerseys to the rides, but there is no dress code. Bicycling shorts are recommended for comfort. If you come to one of the rides we will ask you to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is a good habit to get into anytime you ride.

The club started out in the early 1980’s with the rides intended to be at a race pace. Many riders were into citizen racing and several riders rode with distinction. We still have a few riders who finish well in WISPORT events. As we have all gotten older and wiser, some have modified their objectives for the evening ride. About half the riders on any given night still approach the evening ride as “race training”. This group rides with what is called a “half way rule”. This means that no riders will be left behind before the half way point. This group will tend to average 20 mph or faster for the evening.

We also have a second group of people attending the rides who ride at a slightly slower pace. This group will typically ride with the “fast” group until the half way point and then set their own pace and sometimes a shorter course. This group will typically average 17 to 19 mph for the evening.

The first ride of the year is about 18 – 20 miles due to available daylight being in short supply. During the height of the season we will ride 35 – 40 miles.

After the ride everyone (including family members who may not have actually riden with us)is invited to join the group for post ride refreshments. Rib Lake rides usually start from Camp 28, an establishment known for its pizza and good beer. Ogema rides have been based out of Rabb’s Extra Innings tavern which features good frozen pizza, beer (of course) and very nice bathrooms. ¬†Mondeaux rides are based out of the Mondeaux Dam Lodge and so far we’ve lucked out in getting them to always stay open for us and make some pizzas (although they do eventually kick us out).

The club rides starting in Phillips and Medford usually leave from private homes. In recent years, a friendly competition has developed between some of the hosts to provide the best post ride meal. This has lead to the special “Golden Gizzard” award, presented by Bryan Bormann at the season finale presentation. Everyone throws around $8-10 into a kitty for the cost of the food and drinks.

The club also sponsors a stretch of Adopt-A- Highway just outside of Prentice on County Highway C. A newsletter is published before the first ride and after the last ride of the year. Anyone who attends a ride and gives Bryan their address can get added to the mailing list. Newsletters are also posted on this website. ¬†If we’re lucky enough Bryan will continue the newsletter tradition!

We hope we’ll see you on the roads soon!